Providing Public Transportation
Alternatives for the Greater
Phoenix Metro Area

Route Schedules & Maps

Choose from the menu on the left to see schedules and maps for Valley Metro Rail, Local and Express bus service, Neighborhood Circulators and Rural Connectors.

Tips About Schedules

Always try to be at your stop at least five minutes early.

Not all bus stops are shown on the route maps or listed in the schedules. If you don't see your stop or station, use the time point for the stop before your stop to estimate when the bus will arrive.

Departure times from park-and-ride facilities are not always listed in the schedules.

Times shown in schedules are approximations. Actual arrival and departure times may vary according to traffic conditions.

For Express and RAPID service, morning arrival times in central Phoenix and afternoon arrival times in outlying areas may be earlier or later than listed in the Transit Book depending on traffic conditions.